As a communication coach, my goal is to empower you with the tools and language necessary so that you may feel more successful in one of the most basic but essential life skills: good communication.




You Can Work One-On-One With Me

· Coaching packages are tailored to your individual needs and desires

· Limited spots are available

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You Can Join The Conversation Cure: Tools for Talking Brave Online Course

· This course is not a course about mindfulness or how to “get along” — this course is about bravery, and REAL talk

· Geared towards ALL GENDErs and identities

· Course completion arms you with a robust toolkit and ongoing action steps for building better, braver communication communication into every part of your life

You Can Participate In My ‘Let’s Talk About Consent’ Online Course

· This course takes you beyond the current common language of consent and into complex territory — it’s about applied consent for the real world

· Geared towards anyone who is currently sexually active or plans on it soon

· Inclusive of all genders, identities, and sexual preferences

· Course completion readies you to build a culture of consent in your personal relationships and as part of a collective, plus have safer, more pleasurable sexual experiences overall