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As a communication coach, my goal is to empower you with the tools and language necessary so that you may feel more successful in one of the most basic but essential life skills: good communication.




You Can Work One-On-One With Me

· Coaching packages are tailored to your individual needs and desires

· Limited spots are available

· Scroll down for information on my current offerings

You Can Join The Conversation Cure: Tools for Talking Brave Online Course

· This course is not a course about mindfulness or how to “get along” — this course is about bravery, and REAL talk

· Geared towards ALL GENDErs and identities

· Course completion arms you with a robust toolkit and ongoing action steps for building better, braver communication communication into every part of your life

You Can Participate In My ‘Let’s Talk About Consent’ Online Course

· This course takes you beyond the current common language of consent and into complex territory — it’s about applied consent for the real world

· Geared towards anyone who is currently sexually active or plans on it soon

· Inclusive of all genders, identities, and sexual preferences

· Course completion readies you to build a culture of consent in your personal relationships and as part of a collective, plus have safer, more pleasurable sexual experiences overall

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In our coaching sessions, together we will get cozy with our laptops and a cup of tea. We’ll take stock, soul search, unearth clues, draw a map, cross bridges, embrace the mess, tell stories, set goals, strategize, motivate, and celebrate.

There may be truth telling, adventures, discovery, meditation, laughter, tears, journal prompts, homework assignments, permission slips, skill building, resources, and mail goodies along the way.


  • A shame-free, nonjudgmental space to mess up, be vulnerable, and learn

  • An honesty-affirming space to ask questions, soundboard ideas, and get direct feedback

  • Practical skills, resources, and actionable steps for achieving your goals

  • Permission and validation

  • New language, new insight, and new confidence to get after the things that matter to you with heart



Embracing Imperfection

You’re exhausted from trying to be all things to all people. You don’t want to upset anyone, and you’d rather say nothing than make a mistake. Together we can practice messing up, recovering gracefully, and embracing your humanity. Let’s unburden you of perfectionism so that you truly live, love, and lead in the ways that matter to you.

Exercising Assertiveness

The thought of “just saying it” has you working up a sweat. Direct, unambiguous communication hasn’t been you’re go to, and it’s uncomfortable. You’ve bought into “the game.” Honey! Let’s kick that passive-aggressive habit once and for all!

Leaning Into Vulnerability

You cringe at the thought of opening up, and being honest about where you’re at and what your needs are. Even the word “vulnerability” equates with “weakness” in your mind. I’ll show you how to dig in, gather your resilience, and practice exquisite boundaries so that you know exactly where, when, and with whom vulnerability is #worthit.

Crystal-Clear Communication

You know what you want. Now you’re just looking for the language to articulate it best so that you show up like a boss in all parts of life. Together we’ll find language that’s accessible and crystal-clear. We’ll hash out the details so that you feel empowered to say what needs to be said, and deliver it gracefully and with courage.

Flourishing Relationships

You’re in a relationship rut (or several) and want to bring rekindled desire, updated agreements, and fresh conversation to the table. You’re ready to let go of being good and right so that you can fully embrace true intimacy. Together we’ll come up with creative ways to enliven your relationship and get you back on the path to growth.

Awakening Authenticity

You shy away from showing up as your true self. You wonder if it’s too much. You care what others think, and you’re a bit of a chameleon, depending on the crowd you’re in. We’ll work together to awaken your truest desires and passions, step into your power, and shed the masks for good.

Prioritizing Self-Care

Busy-ness is your noble truth. It’s become so habitual to stay busy that creating space for true self-nourishment has fallen by the wayside. We’ll work together to get you back on track to create and prioritize meaningful acts of self-care and nurturance that work for YOU. You will begin to discover profound worthiness in the act/art of self-care as ritual.

“Let Me Pick Your Brain!”

You’re working on a similar career path, project, or endeavor, and feeling lost. There’s so much information to take in, it’s confusing! You want space to sort through it and make sense of what’s right for you. You want to use my experience as a resource. Let’s help you clarify your direction and goals! You’ve got this.

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I work with clients in 3-month blocks, and spots are limited so that I can give you my full attention and care. During that time, we’ll have 6 60-minute sessions and 3 15-minute check-ins. You will have email access to me throughout our time together. All sessions will be over Zoom video, and can be recorded for you to review later. Our work together is customized, confidential, and completely about you. All genders and identities are welcome!

The total cost is $2000. Payment plans are available upon request.

Schedule a free (no obligations) 15-minute discovery call to get acquainted! I’d love to meet you and hear what you’re ready to jump into.