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  • My online courses are self-paced, and are an easy and convenient place to start for folks who are new to the community (Hi! Welcome!)

  • Geared towards all genders and identities, this is not a course about mindfulness or how to “get along” — this course is about bravery, and REAL talk

  • Course completion arms you with a robust toolkit and ongoing action steps for building better, braver communication into every part of your life

  • This self-paced course takes you beyond the current common language of consent and into complex territory — it’s about applied consent for the real world

  • Geared towards anyone who is currently sexually active or plans on it soon

  • Inclusive of all genders, identities, and sexual preferences

  • Course completion readies you to build a culture of consent in your personal relationships and as part of a collective, plus have safer, more pleasurable sexual experiences overall