Why I'm Taking a Break From Radical Emergence

Last week’s launch was a major benchmark – phew! And as such, it also served as a moment for reflection. I wanted to share my process with you.

I’m taking a break – perhaps short term, perhaps indefinitely – from Radical Emergence. Some of you won’t care one way or another, so feel free to stop reading now! For those of you who are curious to know more, here’s why:

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Failing In Front of People: How to Screw Up in Public (from a pro!)

This is a biggie for me. As in, I’ve done this. Multiple times. Personally and professionally. So basically I’m going to consider myself a pro on this topic, mmmkay?

My story is not polished. And while I could share endlessly about my recovery from perfectionism or life as a goal-driven high achiever, an imperfect path is far from what I’m talking about.

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20 Things I’ve Never Told You

Alright I’m going to dip my foot into the realm of public vulnerability in this post. I’m starting small, because as I often say to my clients - “share check”. Share checking means you share a little bit of yourself with another person, and then check to see how you feel and how they respond.

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The #1 Way Technology Impacts Face-to-Face Relationships

Most of us have some clarity about the ways in which social media and our smartphones have impacted our perception of ourselves. We feel the anxiety, the pressure, the performance that social media can create in our lives. We can name the ways in which social media has exacerbated our negative self-talk, our depression, our poor relationship with our bodies, to name just a few. We can even describe relationship histories with our technologies that feel less than healthy.

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A Therapist Mama’s Quick and Easy Guide for New Parents: How to Not Totally Fuck It Up Straight Out the Gate (*Trust Me, I Tried*)

First, let me tell you a short story about the birth of my daughter, but mostly about the 7 days that followed her birth.

After 5 (yes, 5) excruciating days of labor, our sweet Hazel was born to a Cancer moon in the summer of 2016. Now before I tell you about what happened next, I need you to know a little bit about me...

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Struggling with Anger or Rage? Consider This.

Anger is one of our most important emotions. It signals that something essential to us is in need of protection. Anger functions like a red flag that says, “Pay Attention!” While anger will often cause us to feel out of control or ashamed, understanding the iceberg nature of anger can give us clues as to what’s really going on.

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