Radical Emergence

Learn to communicate with courage.


Awkward conversations create change
and joy.

But they can also be disorienting. We need better road maps to make tough conversations easier to navigate. My goal is to embolden you with the skills, confidence, and mindset to become a better verbal and non-verbal communicator in every circumstance - whether it be in the living room, the bedroom, the conference room, or even the comments section.


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Hello, love!

I’m Jordan. I’m a communication coach and community educator. I help millennials to have more courageous conversations so that we may live, love, and lead in the ways that matter to us.

The grip of perfectionism when we’re faced with a tough conversation can be suffocating. The thought of saying the wrong thing, hurting someone’s feelings, or feeling awkward and embarrassed, all carry the weight of “failure.”

As more and more of us are being raised by the internet, we constantly engage in online dialogue, but struggle with the same level of engagement in everyday conversation. The same rules don’t apply. In real life, we can’t delete, backspace, or leave blank.

What is Radical Emergence?

Radical emergence is the fundamental transformation of oneself from the inside out, to support the necessary re-centering of our relationships, our connections, and our communities.

It is about reconnecting with the parts of ourselves and our humanity that we have forgotten about or abandoned as a result of living in a digital world.